About Us

Alflip  is one of the growing e-commerce startups in Bangladesh, and we create solutions to solve the modern consumer’s evolving needs. We provide the highest convenience to the consumers and ready to take the actions required to ensure a unique user experience.  We delivery all over Bangladesh & accept more than 3+ payment services available in Bangladesh.


We deliver all most all locations in Bangladesh through our delivery system or courier services. We also provide home delivery or door to door delivery. You can also pay the price of the product after receiving your order. In most locations, we provide the facilely to check the product before paying the bill.


Generally, we send the order as soon as we get your order. According to our rules, it takes nearly 2-3 working days to arrive inside Dhaka. Rest all other areas of outside Dhaka. It takes 3-5 days to arrive at your location. We provide the facility to receive customer orders at their suitable time. Delivery man always call before
coming to your location that we can receive your order.