Effortless Math Solutions: Alflip's Diverse Calculator Range

Calculators have been the silent heroes behind every mathematical endeavor, simplifying the complex, aiding in financial decisions, and empowering minds for decades. From the advent of pocket-sized wonders in the 70s to the digital era where they reside in our smartphones and smartwatches, calculators have evolved into indispensable tools. At  Alflip in BD, a comprehensive range of calculators awaits, catering to every need, from basic arithmetic to intricate scientific computations.

Exploring the Latest in Calculating Technology

The modern range of calculators available at Alflip offers diverse functionalities at competitive prices:

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Casio Scientific Calculator (2nd edition) fx-991ES Plus

৳ 1,980

Casio Scientific Calculator Black fx-991cw

৳ 2,310

Casio Scientific Calculator 2nd edition fx-100MS-2

৳ 1,590

Casio Scientific Calculator (2nd edition) Pink fx-991ES Plus-2

৳ 1,980

Casio FX-570MS-2 2nd Edition Scientific Calculator


Casio FX-991MS-2 Scientific Calculator 2nd Edition

৳ 1,750

Understanding the Types:

Calculators cater to a spectrum of needs, serving various domains, professions, and educational levels:

Basic Calculator: These affordable electronic calculators, such as Casio’s offerings, serve students, shops, and individuals with simple arithmetic operations.

Scientific Calculator: A step ahead, these calculators like the Casio FX-991 ES Plus and Casio FX-991 CW are favored by students, scientists, and engineers for complex mathematical computations.

Financial Calculator: Tailored for financial professionals and students, models like TI BA II Plus and HP 12C are adept at handling loans, investments, mortgages, and more.

Graphing Calculator: Engineers, scientists, and mathematicians rely on graphing calculators to visualize functions and equations in 2D and sometimes 3D, aiding in understanding complex relationships between variables.

Alflip: Where Calculations Meet Convenience

For over a decade, Alflip has been a bastion of quality technological products. Their commitment to customer satisfaction extends to a varied selection of calculators, ensuring effortless problem-solving and visualization of mathematical concepts. Whether it’s a scientific query, a financial puzzle, or graphical representation, Alflip has the right calculator to address every need.


Calculators remain timeless companions in the realm of mathematics and problem-solving. At Alflip, the convergence of technological expertise and customer-centric service ensures access to a wide array of calculators. From basic calculations to intricate scientific functions, there’s a perfect calculating companion waiting for you at Alflip, ready to simplify complexities and empower your mathematical journey. Order yours today and witness the ease of precision calculation!