QCY H3 Hybrid ANC Wireless Headphones

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QCY H3 Hybrid ANC Wireless Headphones.

The QCY H3 Hybrid ANC Wireless Headphones redefine the audio experience with cutting-edge technology, offering a perfect blend of adaptive noise cancellation and audio compensation. Incorporating the innovative Bimodal Ear Canal Adaptive Technology. Featuring an impressive 43dB Active Noise Cancelling capability, the QCY H3 effectively identifies and counteracts external noises, creating an immersive audio environment.

The headphones offer versatile noise-canceling modes, including Indoor, Commuting, Boosted, and Anti-wind-noise, customizable through the QCY APP. With an extraordinary 60-hour playtime in ANC OFF mode, the QCY H3 ensures uninterrupted enjoyment. The standby time exceeds 350 hours at full charge, and a convenient 3.5mm audio cable is included for a seamless switch to wired mode, eliminating battery concerns. Enhancing connectivity, these headphones allow simultaneous connection to two devices, offering a flexible and efficient multitasking experience.

Whether watching movies on TV or answering calls, users can seamlessly transition between tasks without switching devices. The QCY H3 goes beyond conventional sound quality, boasting a frequency response range of 40kHz. This enables the headphones to unveil audio details beyond the CD level, creating a captivating personal cinema experience. The custom oversized 40mm dynamic drivers ensure Hi-Res Audio production, delivering exceptional sound quality across various genres.


Manufacturer Brand: QCY

Model: H3

Color: White, black

Type of headphones: In-ear

Transducers: 40 mm

Bluetooth version: V 5.3

Range: Up to 10 m

Bluetooth profile: A2DP / AVRCP / HFP

Connection type: Wireless and wired - 3.5 mm audio cable

Battery capacity: 500 mAh

Operating time: Up to 35h (with ANC on)

Up to 60h (with ANC off)

Charging time: Approximately 2h

Charging interface: USB-C

Dimensions of earphones: 160.2 x 81.7 x 196.8 mm

Compatible systems: iOS / Android

App: QCY App. 


Hi-Res Sound, Reveal Original Sound: With a frequency response range of 40kHz, QCY H3 headsets can reveal sound quality beyond CD level to create atmospheric personal cinema that surrounds you for a new way of listening. Custom oversized 40mm dynamic drivers produce Hi-Res Audio ensuring headphones are capable of producing exceptional sound.

Adaptive ANC & Audio Compensation: The up-to-date Bimodal Ear Canal Adaptive Technology allows H3 wireless headphones to detect ear-canal structure and the way people wear it and create exclusive noise-canceling parameters to revise audio curve that the headset can deliver the same yet premium listening to different people.

43dB Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling: The feedforward and feedback mics can identify noises and generate anti-noise waves to offset them so you can truly shut out the world around you and enjoy your music for company. You can choose one among indoor, Commuting, Boosted, and Anti-wind-noise modes via the QCY APP when you are in a different place. Besides, the headset allows you to adjust the noise canceling level to strike a balance between noise isolation.

60-Hour Playtime: QCY H3 wireless headphones provide over 60 hours of playtime with a built-in 500mAh battery. The standby time is over 350 hours at full charge, and it comes with a 3.5mm audio cable for switching to wired mode anytime, so you don’t have to worry about running out of battery.

Connect 2 Devices: QCY H3 over-ear headphones can connect to 2 devices simultaneously, allowing you to watch movies on TV while answering calls without switching.

43dB Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation

With hybrid Anc technology, the five microphones work together to block noise up to 43 dB.Four adjustable settings for every noisy situation.

Bimodal Ear Canal Adaptive Audio Compensation(BECAAC)

Headset to detect ear-canal structure and the way people wear it and create exclusive noise-canceling parameters to revise the audio curve so that it can deliver the same yet premium listening to different people.(Note: This function needs to be turned on manually every time you use it, it cannot be fully self-adapted in real time.)

VDCNN for Clear Calls

Packed with Very Deep Convolutional Neural Networks(VDCNN) technology, the microphones can sense different environments and auto-adjust noise canceling levels accordingly so you can always enjoy stable, natural, and quality calls indoors or outdoors.

Hi-Res Audio Original HD Sound

40kHz frequency response delivers CD-quality sound. Hi-Res Audio provides extraordinary clarity and detail.40mm Composite-Diaphragm with Titanium Plating offers cinema-level 3D sound, high resolution with punchy bass, and transparent highs.

Note: Mid- and high-frequency sound quality be improved by upgrading the firmware on the QCY APP!
Transparency Mode

Hear the ambient sound clearly while still enjoying the music. Be aware of your surroundings when you are shopping/walking/chatting.

Connect to 2 Devices

It supports simultaneous connection of two Bluetooth devices, allowing you to enjoy work and entertainment at the same time.

70 hour Extra-long Battery life

With ANC off, enjoy about 70 hours of playback, turn on ANC, and there are 35 hours of playback. 1.5h Charging time=70h Music time=300h Standby time.

Wireless Bluetooth 5.3/Wired Mode

Bluetooth 5.3 chip provides a fast and stable full-link transmission. In gaming mode, 0.068s low latency allows you to enjoy a better gaming experience. You can easily switch between Bluetooth 5.3 and 3.5mm headphone jacks. These 2 configurations grant you the versatility to get the most out of all devices. (Type c 3.5mm jack included)

Soft Ear Pads, Unprecedented Comfort

Synthetic protein leather ear pads combine with slow spring memory foam for exceptional wearability with less pressure on your ears.

It’s so comfortable that you don’t need to take a break from your favorite music.

Smart APP

QCY APP supports pairing pop-ups, EQ, and customizable noise canceling levels. Now it’s your time to explore more in the APP and build your headset.

Button control, easy operation, support Voice Assistant.

Hi-Res Reveal Original Sound

With a frequency response range of 40kHz, this headset can reveal sound quality beyond CD level to create atmospheric personal cinema that surrounds you for a new way of listening. 

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