Saramonic Blink500 B5 Wireless Clip-On Microphone System

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Saramonic Blink500 B5 Wireless Microphone System.

The Saramonic Blink500 B5 is an incredibly lightweight, ultra-compact, and easy-to-use wireless microphone system, and delivers exceptional, broadcast-quality sound for DSLR, Mirrorless and Video cameras, mobile devices, and more. The Blink500 system operates on the interference-free 2.4GHz spectrum and automatically hops to free channels to avoid static noise and audio dropouts. Features like a 3.5mm headphone output, selectable M/S Switch, quick charging, and OLED display make the Blink500 meet various recording demands. The RXUC receiver has a USB-C output and is designed for devices with a USB-C port, including Android smartphones and tablets. The clip-on transmitter has a great-sounding built-in mic and it is small and light enough to clip to shirts and clothing, or you can use it as a traditional belt-pack transmitter with the included SR-M1 professional lavalier microphone. The Saramonic Blink500 B5 comes with a 1-year warranty.

Simplify and expedite your entry into wireless audio with the Saramonic Blink 500 B5, an ultracompact and extraordinarily easy-to-use true wireless microphone system offering a cost-effective, all-inclusive solution for recording one subject to Android devices and Mac/Windows computers equipped with USB Type-C ports.

The Blink 500 B5 delivers considerably improved sound quality compared to the built-in mics on cameras and mobile devices while functioning as an ultracompact digital system that provides immediate out-of-the-box operability for anyone, making it ideal for video, podcast, and mobile journalism applications. Once it's plugged in and powered on, it's set and ready so your focus can stay on your content.

Equally straightforward and small, the Blink 500 B5 gives you everything necessary for recording crisp, clear speech in any location. You get a clip-on transmitter with a built-in microphone and a clip-on Omni Lavalier mic, a dual-channel receiver that plugs directly into your device, and the requisite charging cable for the transmitter. Whether you're a run-and-gun videographer, a YouTube content creator, or an avid vlogger, the Blink 500 B5 can get your wireless audio going in no time.


Blink500 TX:
Built-in Battery Life: Approx.8 hours

Blink500 RXUC:
Power Requirements: Supplied by USB-C Devices
Blink500 Charging Case:
Power Requirements: Powered by USB-C port (5V/1.5A)
Power Capacity: 2000mAh
Charging Time: 3 hours


Blink500 TX: 56.5×38×26.1mm
Blink500 RXUC: 31×82×12mm
Blink500 Charging Case: 123×102×39.7mm

Audio Inputs:
3.5mm TRS Lavalier Mic/
Line-in Input or Built-in Microphone
Audio Output:
USB-C Connector

Packaging Info:

Blink500 TX: Approx. 32g(1.13oz)
Blink500 RXUC: Approx.16.5g(0.58oz)
Blink500 Charging Case: 200g (9.45 oz)

power module:
Blink500 TX:
Built-in Battery Life: Approx.8 hours
Blink500 RXUC:
Power Requirements: Supplied by USB-C Devices
Blink500 Charging Case:
Power Requirements: Powered by USB-C port (5V/1.5A)
Power Capacity: 2000mAh
Charging Time: 3 hours


Blink500 B5(1×Blink500 RXUC + 1×Blink500 TX)
1×Blink500 RXUC Receiver with USB-C Connector
1×Blink500 TX Transmitter with OLED Display and Built-In Microphone
1×Blink500 B5 Box Charging Case
1×Zipper Bag
1×1′(30.5cm)Gold-Plated USB-C to USB-A Charging Cable
1×1′(30.5cm)Gold-Plated Micro USB to USB-A Charging Cable
1×SR-M1 Omnidirectional Lavalier Microphone
1×Alligator-Style Lavalier Microphone Clip
1×Foam Lavalier Windscreen
1×Warranty Card
1×User Manual.


• Lightweight, ultracompact housings

• Slim plug-in receiver won't interfere with the operation of a gimbal

• USB Type-C male connector plugs directly into your device's USB Type-C port

• Works with Android devices and Mac/Windows computers equipped with USB Type-C ports

• Receiver requires no battery or charging

• The transmitter's intelligent LED indicators show power, audio level, low-battery level, and charging status

• Transmitter's internal 5-hour battery keeps you going on long shoots or multiple run-and-gun gigs in a day

• Power the transmitter or recharge its internal lithium-ion battery via a USB Type-C connection (charging cable included)

• Use up to two transmitters with each receiver

• Operate up to 18 systems simultaneously in the same environment.

Unpacking the Blink 500 B5

  • Use the ultracompact clip-on transmitter as a true wireless microphone with its built-in mic element or as a bodypack transmitter with its supplied clip-on lavalier microphone.
  • The ultra-compact dual-channel receiver plugs directly into your device's USB Type-C port, letting it work seamlessly with Android mobile devices and Mac/Windows computers equipped with USB Type-C ports no batteries, cables, or clips are required.
  • Simply plug in the receiver and power on the transmitter to access reliable wireless audio functionality in an instant.

Connect, Power, and Go

  • With the receiver and transmitter paired at the factory, the Blink 500 system is comfortably easy to use for anyone, anywhere. Videographers, vloggers, YouTubers, and mobile journalists will benefit from the Blink 500's power-and-go operating style.
  • Advanced technology invisibly handles complicated tasks such as switching channels to avoid dropouts, leaving you with a streamlined and simple system that requires no menu diving or tedious manual configuration.

Quality Sound

  • Blink 500 systems utilize 24-bit / 48 kHz resolution the same audio standard used worldwide by sound engineers in the film industry—to give you quality sound at a budget-friendly price point.
  • Compared to the built-in microphones on cameras and mobile devices, Blink 500 systems offer considerably improved fidelity and clarity with less noise.
  • Since your subjects may speak at very different volumes, Saramonic outfitted the Blink 500 TX with dedicated gain buttons to allow quick and effortless adjustment of the signal level. You can even turn the volume all the way down to effectively mute the transmitter.
  • By connecting directly to your device's USB Type-C port, the Blink 500 RXUC avoids unnecessary D/A and A/D conversion to maintain the integrity of the digital signal from your transmitter all the way to your recording device.

Perfect for 1- or 2-person Shoots

  • Since the Blink 500 RXUC is a dual-channel receiver, it can simultaneously handle two Blink 500 TX wireless transmitters (the second transmitter is available separately). If you need to expand beyond that, you can use up to 18 Blink 500 systems at once to accommodate up to 36 wireless microphones.
  • Each Blink 500 system can include one dual-channel receiver and up to two transmitters. Choose from camera-mount (Blink 500 RX), Lightning (Blink 500 RXDi), or USB Type-C (Blink 500 RXUC) receivers.

Built-in microphone for True Wireless Operation

  • The Blink 500 TX features a built-in miniature condenser microphone with an omni-pickup pattern that captures clear and natural voice tonality. Thanks to the transmitter's ultracompact housing, you can clip it to clothing, slide it into a shirt pocket, place it on a podium, or hold it in your hand.

Lavalier Microphone Included

  • For maximum visual discretion, use the Blink 500 TX as a traditional bodypack transmitter with the supplied Lavalier microphone. Just clip the Omnilav mic to a collar or lapel, then plug it into the transmitter's 3.5mm input; the transmitter automatically switches to the external microphone so you don't have to bother selecting the input source.
  • The Lavalier mic includes a foam windscreen that lessens noise caused by light wind, breaths, and air conditioning systems. For enhanced reduction of stronger wind noise, a separately available furry windshield (a.k.a. windjammer) such as the Saramonic LM-WS can be fitted to the microphone.

Stable and Simple 2.4 GHz Digital Wireless

  • Whereas typical analog wireless systems are susceptible to interference from TV and radio waves, the Blink 500 digital system avoids that by operating in the 2.4 GHz band, which occupies frequencies beyond those of television, radio transmissions, and UHF wireless microphone systems.
  • Within the 2.4 GHz spectrum, the Blink 500 boasts automatic channel hopping to mitigate noise and dropouts at a line-of-sight distance of up to 164 feet. For optimal performance, environments with limited Wi-Fi / 2.4 GHz traffic and minimal physical obstructions are recommended.

Ready for Anywhere:

  • Don’t be concerned about licensing or selecting frequencies; the Blink 500 system uses the license-free 2.4 GHz band, so you can go anywhere in the world and have a reliable, fully functional wireless system. 
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